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Each year the Hampshire Philatelic Federation holds a series of competitions open to members of societies affiliated to the HPF. These are assessed to national standards by nationally recognised judges and awards are made for the best exhibit in each of the competitions. The entries are also displayed at the annual HAMPEX Federation Convention where the awards are presented.

Three competitions are held as follows:
  • Howard-White: annual competition between affiliated Societies / Clubs. The competition consists of two separate entries per society, each comprising sixteen sheets, of different subjects. Exhibits are entered by the Society.
  • Hampshire Single Frame: a sixteen sheet competition, open to individual members of affiliated Societies / Clubs. An entry in the Howard-White competition may also be entered by its owner into the Hampshire Single Frame competition.
  • Jan Kaluski: a thirty two sheet competition, open to individual members of affiliated Societies / Clubs.

An entry may be made in any of the following philatelic classes:

Traditional (stamps); Aerophilately; Postal History; Postal Stationery; Thematic; Revenues; Cinderellas or Open Class. An explanation of each class may be found on the Philatelic Classes page and hints and tips on the Competitive Exhibiting page.
Entry Forms may be found on the Entry Forms page and a list of the competition Awards, Medals and Marking Scheme may be found on the Awards page. A fee is levied for entries in the Jan Kaluski and Hampshire Single Frame competitions. No fee is levied for the Howard-White competition.
Rules: Since this is competitive philately there have to be some rules to ensure consistency. These may be found on the Competition Rules page. The rules and the classes scope the competitions. If these are not for you, then that's fine. Not everyone wants to rewrite their collection pages to fit this style. However, if your collection is worth looking at why don't you volunteer to show some aspects of it at a society meeting where the competition rules don't count and you can explain why you collect what you do, and why you mount it the way that pleases you. This is your hobby - enjoy it!
However, if you want to see how your philatelic skills match up then start by entering your society competitions, the gateway to the Howard-White competition!

Click here to contact the HAMPEX Organising Committee members. For guidance on International Competition and Exhibiting review the General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV) on the FIP website below.

FIP - International Federation of Philately - Click for Website

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