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January 2015

Our 2015 programme got off to a flying start when John Wall gave his armchair tour guide: TURKEY, CROSSROADS OF THE CONTINENT. As on previous presentations he used Google Earth to reveal each site before showing slides on particular places of interest. Remains at Troy, Pergamon and Ephesus were each fully explained.

In showing the cruise route near Gallipoli, John spoke of this year’s commemoration of the battle there in August 1915, and that the only surviving ship from the campaign is in dry dock at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Following visits to Cappadocia, John went on to describe the Shipwreck Museum at Bodrum and the Attaturk Museum in Ankara, before closing with slides of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. An excellent appetiser for anyone planning to visit Turkey.


February 2015

On February 27th a packed room was treated to a talk on the Romano-British Site at Flexford. This excellent review of recent events on the site was given by David Calow from the Surrey Archaeological Society. The excavations have been running since 2008, however the focus of the presentation was on the 2014 season.

Some features are similar to those of other sites in Surrey, such as at Godstone, and potentially suggestive of a market or small settlement with possible ritual connotations. Many questions were raised: a possible link with the nearby Wanborough Temple, the low-value coin finds and the reason for the iron working. Will some of these issues be resolved in the 2015 season?

March 2015

This year's Annual General Meeting was held on the evening of Friday March 13th. The chairman reported progress in several areas including the completed transfer of our library from Bagshot to Farnborough. The treasurer was able to show a further reduction in deficit over previous years. Documentary research is again being carried out with more subjects suggested for the future.

The NEHHAS website and posters continue to attract interest and our Facebook page has been re-launched. Other places where we could usefully advertise are being sought. The report on our summer 2014 joint survey with BARG at Greywell is expected very soon. A member expressed interest in the librarian post which is currently vacant.

Discussion on possible summer visits and/or guided walks followed, remembering the impressive response to the tour of Farnham Castle in 2012! (see photo) The meeting finished with AOB under which mention was made of the masterplan for the Farnborough Civic Quarter, which involves the Community Centre as well as library, leisure centre and redundant police station. Also the possible preservation of the Job's Farm building by moving it to a heritage site.

2012 visit to Farnham Castle

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