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January 2014

On January 24th, for our first talk of the new year, Egyptologist John Wall returned with: Egypt on and off the Beaten Path!. This copiously illustrated talk covered a number of well-known and some less visited sites from the north of the country down as far as the Aswan dam. Our tour started with the stepped pyramid at Saqqara and proceded southwards. Many magnificent photos were included, beautiful painted reliefs were in abundance. Some photos were taken at night with the ruins floodlit, others showing familiar buildings from new angles, for instance Hatshepsut's Temple viewed from the surrounding mountains (Note. Our photo shown here is by Steve F-E Cameron).

Hatshepsut's temple

February 2014

On 28th February, Hugh's splendidly illustrated talk took us through the Imperial politics, battles and family infighting which led to Constantine the Great becoming leader of the Roman Empire. Constantine was a complex character, sometimes generous and merciful then suddenly ruthless and revengeful. Not someone that it would be wise to be close to! His reputation as the Emperor who made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire may have been exaggerated.

gold coin featuring Constantine's head

March 2014

Our AGM, held on Fri 28th March, was attended by 14 members with apologies from a further three. The business of reports and re-election of the committee was all conducted within one hour. The main topics of discussion were the imminent publication of the report on Borderware entitled "Sherds", the forthcoming movement of our library from Bagshot to the Farnborough Community Centre and a further collaboration with BARG (Berkshire Archaeology Research Group) at Greywell. Also on the horizon are a proposed summer visit to Chawton House Library and next year the exciting possibility of hosting a local societies conference. The evening ended around 9:30 after tea, coffee, biscuits and further light conversation.

Note: More detailed accounts of our recent Friday evening talks and other events, can be found in our latest NEWSLetter. Click here for details of how to get your copy.


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