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During summer 2012, NEHHAS and BARG carried out a joint ground survey/geophysics exercise in Greywell, Hants. Outline results are shown here. A further survey was carried out in the adjacent field in June 2014, the results of which are awaited.

NEHHAS - Excavations

NEHHAS has a long history of conducting excavations at various local sites and is always looking for further archaeological opportunities in our area. The photos below show a small part of a rescue dig conducted in May 2009 by NEHHAS members at Tower Hill, Cove during a brief cessation of a contractor's site clearance work. This dig took place following a visit to the site by a representative of the County Archaeology office.

test pitexcavation at Tower Hill

* * * Notice * * *

An ex-NEHHAS member has formed his own group retaining the acronym 'NEHHAS' in the name and as part of their website address. We have made numerous requests for them to change the name but to no avail. The Field Archaeology Branch is not connected with us at NEHHAS and their activities are not covered by our insurance. We ceased involvement in Roman Road investigation back in 2009. For a recently re-edited report on this see Finding the Road on our Publications page.

Some other organisations able to offer archaeological training and experience are given on our "events" page, including Sussex School of Archaeology who are running courses at their Plumpton Villa site this summer, click here.

Our main website is hosted by Hampshire County Council under their 'Hantsweb' branding. All pages on this website have the Hampshire County Council logo at the foot of the page.

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