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Book: St. Patrick's School, South Farnborough. A Potted History 1886 - 1968.
This recently published account of the former RC junior school in Peabody Road by Bryan Hoskyns features many photographs and drawings in its 68 A4 pages. Price £ 9.95. For more details contact:

Time Talks.
John Manley BA, MA, MA (Econ), PhD, MIFA, FSA gives talks and guided walks on the archaeology and history of Sussex and Hampshire. His website can be found at

Forthcoming Events

Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) at Cambridge University

Archaeology: prehistoric and Roman Britain in a day (Saturday 7 March 2015) is a day school giving an introduction to the archaeology of Britain focusing on Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age Roman periods in Britain. More information about this day school can be found here.

An introduction to the Roman Empire (starts 5 January 2015) is a 7 week fully online course examining the four centuries in which the Roman Empire ruled the West and asks why it left such an enduring legacy. You can find more information about this particular course here.

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